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Don’t get busted selling cocaine while getting your hair done.

June 21, 2009

Because you can end up looking like this.  The gentleman above took a time out from the barbershop to go and (allegedly) sell some crack cocaine.  Police didn’t even allow him to get his braids finished before booking.  Man, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a 1000 times.  Selling narcotics can wait until after you’ve had your hair fully braided….or your wax done.  What?  Too much?  Look, you’ll thank me one day.

Via Evansville Courier & Press

Calm down people: Swine flu 1976-1 death from the flu, 30+ deaths from the vaccination

April 27, 2009

Some much needed perspective for the latest media-induced “health crisis.”

Mass vaccinations started in October, but within weeks reports started coming in of people developing Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease, right after taking the shot. Within two months, 500 people were affected, and more than 30 died. Amid a rising uproar and growing public reluctance to risk the shot, federal officials abruptly canceled the program Dec. 16.

Read the full article at Wired.

Seattle sheriff’s beat the hell out a 15 yr. old girl. While she’s already in a cell.

March 1, 2009

New Swiss law makes PETA feel warm and fuzzy: calls for “dignified” deaths for golfish and showers for pigs.

September 2, 2008

Want to get rid of your goldfish? Swiss owners who have been flushing them down the toilet – still alive – must now find other methods since strict new animal protection laws took effect today.

Instead, a fish must be first knocked out and then killed before its body can be disposed of, the law stipulates.

The new legislation spells out in exhaustive detail how all domestic animals are to be treated, whether they be pets, farm animals or destined for scientific experiments.

Wild animals are also covered by the law if they reside in zoos or circuses.

However, just like in George Orwell’s satire, Animal Farm, some animals enjoy more “equal rights” than others.

Not only are goldfish now afforded a more “dignified” death than being dispatched round the S-bend, but it is now also forbidden for Swiss anglers to practise catch-and-release fishing or recreational catching only to throw the fish back in the water, or to use live fish as bait.

In the domestic sphere, common household pets such as budgerigars and hamsters can no longer be kept by themselves.

The same applies for more exotic breeds such as lamas, alpacas and yaks – admittedly not your average pet but a common feature in zoos.

Even sheep and goats must have at least “a visual contact with their fellows”, according to the new law.

Man’s “best friend”, the faithful hound, comes in for special treatment as dog owners will be obliged by law to take special classes on how to raise Fido properly so he is less likely to bite.

And Swiss dog-owners wishing to “customise” their pets as a fashion accessory will not be allowed to crop their tails or ears – nor “force them to have surgery to get droopy ears”.

However it’s questionable whether the animals will welcome all of the provisions the lawmakers have generously bestowed upon them.

Pigs, for example, are often said to be happiest when rolling around in the mud – but now they have the legal right to a shower to freshen up.


First female winner of the Illinois Hog-Calling Championship

August 14, 2008

Doris Probst, winner of the Illinois State Fair 2008 Hogcalling Championship in all her….ugh…glory.  She’s the first female winner of the hogcalling championship.  American pride, on full display.