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You’re golfing. You have to pee, so naturally you relieve yourself into a hollow receptacle that’s shaped like a 7-iron.

June 10, 2008

Finally, science does something practical. Because carrying around your urine after peeing in a fake golf club is FAR easier than just discreetly slipping into the rough, or using a port-a-john. You must watch the video for a full explanation. Excellent commentary, too.


A few of you have asked if this was a hoax. So, in the interest of this blog’s umm…..”integrity” I decided to call the number listed on the commercial, 866-999-4URO. I had a representative on the line, ready to take my order. How’s that for authenticity?

Official site

Act now and they’ll throw in a special bonus gift.

**Female adapters pictured below sold separately**