Ghetto Prom

I found an old email I received sometime back. Timeless.

**Editor’s note** We’d love to feature some redneck stuff here, too. We ran a Oompa-Loompa (guido) feature last week, but we’d love to move the focus to our fine southern friends. If you have a link drop us a a line, or leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Feel free to submit your own captions in the Comment section.

1. Earth, Water, and Fire-the actual elements, not the band.

2. This one befuddles me.

3. Part bikini, part beach umbrella, all good.

4. An example of what happens when you pay $5k for your rims and tires; unable to pay for your date’s dress….well, all of it at least.

5. Somewhere a stripped-down living room set sits alone.

6. NBA players relegated to attending high school proms to avoid violence/arrest.

7. One of the least obvious elements to this picture is the mismatching of athletic sneakers with formal-wear. For shame!

8. Flaunt them while you can, I suppose.

9. This is not “The Answer” to any question.

10. For the fashionable, yet pregnant, high school prom guest.

11. While vinyl shower curtains will certainly deflect punch, I doubt it breathes.

12. She wanted a “safe” date, he wanted someone to try his latest design. Everybody wins.

13. Bad fashion sense knows no color barriers.

14. Umm….uh…..<shudders>

15. Inspired by Ice Cube’s “Ghetto Bird” from his album, “Lethal Injection”

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5 Responses to “Ghetto Prom”

  1. Matt Says:


  2. Stephannie Says:

    It is people like these that cause me to have my Cherokee moments…after seeing this, I’m not even claiming that I’m black!!! I won’t even ask where the parents were when they let their kids out dressed (or UNDRESSED) like that. The school districts should be sanctined. Looks like they’re running a brothel instead of classes!

  3. Shay Says:

    Stop HATIN Stephannie

  4. DoniIncilanit Says:

    Stunning, I did not know about this topic till now. Thanx!

  5. cle Says:

    man this is rediculous ppl like that should be a shaimed of there self n blck n latino’s wonder why we get called the names we get called dang cuz ya do dum stuff like dis n the event u were going to was FORMAL

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