Norway’s Twang Gang cover Europe’s “The Final Countdown”

About 10 yrs. ago I was listening to the radio at work. I didn’t hear the prize, but I noticed that the DJ was playing their daily “name that song and we’ll give you stuff” game so my ears perked up. The song played was Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” I phoned in and won. What’s not great about winning a radio contest? When the prize is 2 tickets to a Renaissance Fair..that’s when it’s not great. Oh, also, “The Final Countdown” is a crappy song unless you like your hair metal with lots of synthesizers.

Anyway, here’s a rockabilly band from Norway, Twang Gang, with their rendition of “The Final Countdown.”

Ok, ok…..I’m sure some of you have fond memories of the original song. Here it is then.

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