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“Freight Train” by Nitro manages to encapsulate everything that sucked about 1980’s hair metal in a single video.

November 11, 2008

As unbearable as it may seem, you must watch it all.  Learn from this people, for this can never be allowed to happen again.  Ever.

“The Final Countdown”-possibly the worst cover you might ever hear.

August 29, 2008

We posted a band from Norway’s rockabilly cover of Europe’s The Final Countdown earlier this month. Now, we present possibly the worst cover, of a bad song to begin with, ever. No idea of who this band is or where they’re playing. You must watch all of it. It’s hypnotically bad. The famous synthesizer part sounds like it’s played on a Fisher Price “My First Keyboard.” Seriously, watch the whole thing. You’ll thank me.

Norway’s Twang Gang cover Europe’s “The Final Countdown”

August 16, 2008

About 10 yrs. ago I was listening to the radio at work. I didn’t hear the prize, but I noticed that the DJ was playing their daily “name that song and we’ll give you stuff” game so my ears perked up. The song played was Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” I phoned in and won. What’s not great about winning a radio contest? When the prize is 2 tickets to a Renaissance Fair..that’s when it’s not great. Oh, also, “The Final Countdown” is a crappy song unless you like your hair metal with lots of synthesizers.

Anyway, here’s a rockabilly band from Norway, Twang Gang, with their rendition of “The Final Countdown.”

Ok, ok…..I’m sure some of you have fond memories of the original song. Here it is then.