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“How to Fight” with Gavin McInnes

February 9, 2009

Learn some time-tested moves in this self defense video.  You’ll certainly be able to defend yourself against any 5 yr. old after watching this.

Astrology Songs by Harvey Sid Fischer

February 5, 2009

Seriously.  Harvey Sid Fischer sings a song for every astrological sign.  Why?  I’m really not sure.  At least they’re high quality and very catchy.


Check out all of Harvey’s astrology songs at his Youtube Channel.

“Mario Kart Love Song” by Sam Hart

December 7, 2008

At first glance, I figured this would have some funny lyrics, but would be musically quite weak.  I was pleasantly surprised by the music.  The artist, Sam Hart, crafts a very nice song about Mario Kart, one of my favorite video games.

You can check out more of Sam’s videos at his YouTube channel.

Thanks to Erik

Youtube favorites remixed

November 24, 2008

Kind of funny.

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A ‘Good’ Video

November 19, 2008

The Onion News Network brings the exclusive news of an exciting Youtube contest that will award $100,000.00 to the winner. Details below.