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Pay it foward: Passing out candy to neighborhood kids

August 17, 2008

We recently moved and the neighbors have been very welcoming. To demonstrate our appreciation, I have decided to start driving around passing out candy to neighborhood children. A lot of them congregate around the corner early in the morning to catch the bus, so I think I’ll start driving my van up there before the bus comes. I have a cast on my hand, and I can’t really throw the candy too far, so I’ll need them to come up real close to get it. I feel it’s important to give back…but maybe that’s just me.

The A-Team Van….now YOU can rent it

August 7, 2008

Tech Digest brings us the story of a limo rental company in the UK that has built a customized A-Team  Van replica.  Rental rates are almost $800 per hour for the first hour, and nearly $100 for every hour after that.  check out this guy’s reaction when he’s surprised with it on his wedding day.

Interior of Van-quite decked out

And since you’ve been humming it in your head since you started reading this story, here’s the original show’s theme.

More here.

LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING! Smoking while driving highly flammable materials is something we frown on.

July 3, 2008

And all caught on tape, thankfully. Click and watch the boom. It’s amazing this guy survived.

Another fire safety lesson, courtesy of Fire Marshall Bill, played by Jim Carrey on In Living Color. Great show.