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Darwin lets one slip by: Man plays chicken with cars on highway….in his underwear…and lives.

July 23, 2008

(this pic. has nothing to do with the story, I just imagined someone that might play chicken with cars might have a similar haircut. That and it’s funny)

SYDNEY (Reuters) – An Australian man’s dare went horribly wrong when he tried to play chicken with cars on a freeway wearing only his underwear. The 18 year old was critically injured after being hit by a four-wheel drive on a freeway in the southern city of Melbourne in the early hours of Wednesday, police said in a statement.

“Police are dismayed at the utter stupidity of a man who decided to play chicken on the Tullamarine Freeway,” the statement said.

“It was lucky nobody was killed as a result and police couldn’t believe anybody would be foolish enough to take such grave risks with their personal safety and that of other road users.” The driver and passenger in the car were unhurt, though the vehicle was a write-off.

(Reporting by Jonathan Standing; Editing by Valerie Lee)


Woman sues Victoria’s Secret over defective thong

June 20, 2008

No, it wasn’t a her teeth that were hurt. It apparently injured her eye while she was trying it on. See full details of her suit at

Do thongs really make a good disguise for a robbery?

May 30, 2008

I’ve heard thieves say, while uncomfortable at first, eventually they don’t even notice it and then they never switch back to regular masks. Pics and more details here.