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We love Cleveland tourism videos, pt. 2

June 16, 2009

Yesterday’s Cleveland tourism video was such cinematic brilliance we decided to feature the second video. This video will inspire you yet again with a renewed love of your hometown. Well, again, not if you live in Detroit though. Sorry residents of D-town.

Both Cleveland videos sent in by Levi, a brave man waging a battle against IWS. We’ll be having a candlelight vigil in support of his plight next week. Show your support by burning a tiny little nub of a candle in Levi’s honor.

Cleveland tourism video will make you appreciate your hometown

June 15, 2009

Unless you live in Detroit that is.  Funny video by comedian Mike Polk.

Sent in by Levi, a brave man who continues to hold out hope for a cure to his crippling IWS condition.  Stay strong, buddy.

Seattle’s Gum Wall deemed one world’s germiest attractions. USA! USA! USA!

June 14, 2009

A bizarre tradition at Seattle’s Market Theatre in Post Alley has turned into a fascinating yet very germy attraction: a giant wall of gum. In the 1990s, visitors began sticking their gum to the wall while waiting in line, resulting in a colorful and somewhat stomach-turning sight after more than a decade of gum gathering. Some intrepid visitors have even molded shapes and faces out of their masticated gum. One TripAdvisor traveler reminds us, “Don’t forget to contribute to the gum wall!”

Full list of the Top 5 Germiest World Attractions

The luckiest, and most polite, beaver you’ll ever meet.

March 10, 2009

A very friendly beaver welcomes people to Canada.

Most scenic places in the world to use the bathroom

October 21, 2008

Sure it’s a great view, but if you’re out of squares in most of these places you’re S.O.L. (I couldn’t resist)

Johannesburg Mountain in the North Cascades national park, Washington State, U.S.

Salir de Uyuni, Bolivia: 12,000ft high in the Andes

Mumin Papa Cafe, Akashi, Japan

More here.

Via The Mail.