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Phil Mickelson and his famous backwards shot

July 1, 2009

How many times do you have to practice this to feel comfortable trying it in competition?

If Charles Barkley can fix his golf swing, so can you.

April 14, 2009

This is, by far, the worst golf swing in the history of bad golf swings.  Well, at least it was.  Kudos to Sir Charles for fixing his swing.

John Daly hits tee shot off a beer can at Buick Open

June 26, 2008

I’m surprised he would waste the beer. Footage from the Buick Open Pro-Am just outside of Detroit. And if you keep watching, yes, that’s Kid Rock playing with him. Suck it country club members!

You’re golfing. You have to pee, so naturally you relieve yourself into a hollow receptacle that’s shaped like a 7-iron.

June 10, 2008

Finally, science does something practical. Because carrying around your urine after peeing in a fake golf club is FAR easier than just discreetly slipping into the rough, or using a port-a-john. You must watch the video for a full explanation. Excellent commentary, too.


A few of you have asked if this was a hoax. So, in the interest of this blog’s umm…..”integrity” I decided to call the number listed on the commercial, 866-999-4URO. I had a representative on the line, ready to take my order. How’s that for authenticity?

Official site

Act now and they’ll throw in a special bonus gift.

**Female adapters pictured below sold separately**