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Flobots’ “Handle Bars” parody, “Scottsdale Bars” by the Blobots

June 25, 2008

The Edge 103.9 FM radio station is sponsoring a contest to see who can make the best parody video of the Flobots’ song, Handle Bars.

The station offers the parody song, “Scottsdale Bars” by the Blobots for download. Videomakers then download the song, set it to video, and upload it to enter the contest. More info. from the station.

Do you know any Douches’ that hang out at the Scottsdale Bars? Are you a Douche yourself, or can do a good impersonation of one? Do you own a video camera? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then pay attention!

The Blobots need YOUR help to make a video that does the #1 song in Phoenix justice. Email us your video Youtube link, slideshow or “live performances” to: and then check back to see how your interpretation stacks up against the other Affliction wearing, BMW driving, frosted tips Douches’. (no offense)

You can win free stuff from The Edge and the Blobots just for submitting, but more importantly YOUR video could be proudly presented as the OFFICAL music video of the Blobots “

If this video doesn’t end up as the winner, I can’t imagine what will. Hilarity.

Tired of hearing/seeing/touching/smelling Bono?

June 3, 2008

There’s a very good chance you could have a serious condtion….one that has been spreading globally at an alarming rate, especially over the last 4 yrs. Yes, you may have….

Bono Fatigue.