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Christmas sweaters: why won’t they just DIE?!?!?

December 22, 2008

I’m baffled by the Christmas sweater tradition.  They’re hideous, yet popular.  Is it a generational thing?  Ethnicity?  Do women lose their sense of fashion once they hit menopause?  One of my new favorite blogs, Catastrophe, published a collection of these handmade-horrors.  Check out the full collection here.

White rap at its finest. Denny Blaze is back! Watch the “Average Home-Boy” remix video.

June 26, 2008

You’ll thank me for these if you’ve never seen them before. Vanilla Ice has nothing on this guy as far as authenticity goes. From the streets.
The Average Homeboy…
I’m just a middle class guy who’s trying to express
myself through my rap music. Once you watch my
Demo, you’ll just be BLAZED! This is THE ORIGINAL
FULL LENGTH VIDEO including Verse 3!!!!

I’m knocking on every door that I can
to get my recording contract!

Original video for Average Home Boy.

Updated remix, The Average Home Boy 18 yrs. Later.

Stuff White People Like contest winner #4-Comparing People to Hitler

June 25, 2008

The always funny blog, recently sponsored a contest for reader submissions and here’s an excerpt below of winner #4.

Stuff White People Like: Comparing People to Hitler

It’s also critical that you avoid the fatal mistake of getting creative and comparing people you don’t like to other evil dictators, such as Joseph Stalin or Fidel Castro. With few exceptions, white people are actually fond of almost any dictator not named Hitler, and your remark that “this is just like something Mao Zedong would do” will be met with blank stares and possible social alienation. This is because, with the exception of Hitler, oppressive dictators share a passion for many of the things white people love- such as universal health care, conspiracy theories, caring about poor people while being filthy rich, and cool hats. Stick to the script and
compare things you don’t like to Hitler, and Hitler alone.