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Soccer goalie fail

June 23, 2009

Err…sorry, football goalkeeper fail for those of you not living in the U.S.

“Nike Football-The Director’s cut” by Guy Ritchie

April 12, 2009

Very nice.

Thanks to Keith of Fulvew Productions for passing this one along.  See a sampling of Fulvew’s work, including a kick ass football commercial they produced, below.

Fake “injury” in soccer: a new low

March 12, 2009



February 4, 2009

A traditional sport of Myanmar.  Looks fun.  Think hackey sack, minus the pot.

Japanese binocular soccer

July 21, 2008

Japanese game shows make me laugh.  A lot.

Laugh at the expense of others.

July 12, 2008

Soccer Fail

Beach Fail

Graduate of Mike Tyson’s Sportsmanship School: Soccer player arrested after biting referee’s face

June 22, 2008

28 yr. old player gets tossed from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct. Naturally, he bites the ref on the face and threatens his life and runs like a little bitch when police are called. A bit of an anger problem I’d guess.



NBA to institute fines for flopping next year

May 30, 2008

S. American players fear crackdown takes away one of the best parts of their game. Get up off the floor and read this.

Here’s a great example that the influx of soccer-playing European and S. American players have had. Manu Ginobili touches Bonzi Wells’ shoulder which then repels him 6 ft. in the air.

And then, Ginobilli gets a taste of his own medicine.

David Beckham scores a goal.

May 28, 2008

That is amazing enough these days, but especially when it was from 60+ yards out. Feel free to debate whether soccer or American football sucks more.