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Shark Week continues: “Shark in Venice” starring Stephen Baldwin

May 13, 2009

Yesterday we featured a terrible film coming out this summer, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.  Today we bring you an equally crappy shark-themed disaster flick, Shark in Venice.  Hard to believe Stephen Baldwin was in one of my favorite films of all time, The Usual Suspects.

Official Trailer with superb acting all around

Just one of the many riveting shark attack sequences.  They *might* have used just a bit of stock footage here.

Farkitrol: Conquer your unreasonable fears

July 8, 2008

The entire world is fucked up and you’re going to die. Farkitrol® keeps everything in proper perspective.

About Farkitrol®

Farkitrol® was created as a treatment for Media Dischordia combined with Media Sterilitus – a deadly combination of scattered and boring facts which atrophys the brain and causes dependency on sub-standard channels for information nutrition.

When combined with common sense and basic human awareness, Farkitrol® can greatly decrease the reliance on the only three sources available in the Mainstream Media for predigested, highly editorialized, commercial “news” and allows for a broader understanding of why certain information seems to show up again and again in the Mainstream Media. Farkitrol® may be habit forming. Ask your doctor or the guys in your company’s IT department about the potential side effects of Farkitrol®, such as snarkiness, immediate detection of bullshit, and the inability to see the “news” reported on mainstream news networks as anything other than what it is – commercially viable infotainment broadcast exclusively for the purpose of keeping your attention long enough to advertise products at you.

For Beach Depression/Shark Mania (BDSM)

For Missing White Girl Syndrome

For Dangerous Playgrounditis

For Mediastatial Germaphobia