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Associate Superintendent: Kids main focus in school should be learning not “dropping it like it’s hot.”

September 4, 2008

Peoria, Illinois school District 150 is proposing a plan to ban high school students from activities like dances and attending sporting events if a student is failing any of his or her “core courses.” The best part about the whole scene is District 150 Associate Superintendent Herschel Hannah’s comments to the school board, which voted unanimously approved the idea.

“Until we emphasize that academic achievement is what we want our kids to be about . . . only then will they get to perform at their highest level,” Hannah said. “When students know that their core business is learning and not dribbling the basketball, it’s not throwing the football, it’s not hitting the ball, it’s not dancing, it’s not ‘dropping it like it’s hot,’ their core business is learning, and until we stand on that and demand that, we won’t get it.”

Remember kids, it’s this:

Before this:

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