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Muppets + Tarantino=WIN—“Resevoir Dogs take Manhattan”

June 10, 2009

NSFW language in this awesome Muppets and Reservoir Dogs mash-up.  Kermit the Frog as Mr. Pink in a scene waitresses have hated since this movie came out in 1992.  Check out this Muppets and Pulp Fiction mash-up also.

Pulp Muppets

July 23, 2008

Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?

June 11, 2008

Reservoir Dogs actor taken to hospital after screaming row with woman at London hotel

Hollywood actor Michael Madsen was admitted to hospital after becoming embroiled in a row with a woman at an exclusive hotel.

Staff at The Dorchester, in Park Lane, London called police after the 49-year-old star began screaming and shouting uncontrollably.

He became famous after playing psychopathic gangster Mr Blonde in Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 hit Reservoir Dogs.

The actor was restrained and led out to an ambulance. Doctors treated him for bruises and cuts.

Madsen, in London for the filming of The Big I Am, checked into the hotel on Saturday with a woman described as his wife and a five-year-old girl.

You ever listen to K-Billy’s “Super Sounds of the Seventies” weekend?