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New Hampshire police DUI “crackdown”-480 cars pulled over in one night: a whooping 7 arrested for alcohol-related charges

November 10, 2008

New Hampshire’s new DUI “mobile command post,” managed to pull over 480 cars in one night Friday night and early Sat. morning. The purpose was to “crack down” on people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Of the 480 cars pulled over, police racked up a whooping 7 arrests for alcohol-related charges. For some perspective, for every 68 cars pulled over, police arrested 1 person. That’s some fine police work, Lou.

The sad thing is that this waste of money will be explained away as a success for the initiative. Some talking head from the state will stand in front of a podium touting the arrest numbers and making a case for how “police presence” kept impaired drivers off the road which=safety, which=keep funding our agencies. Of course, had police arrested more drivers, they would then make a case for increased funding levels. That’s the business of government for you.


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Appearing in court on an indecent exposure charge: what not to wear

July 1, 2008


PORTSMOUTH — Six inches of Elli Skiff’s buttocks were exposed by her low-hanging pants and lack of underwear, a police officer observed on May 29 in the heart of Market Square.

Based on that allegation, Skiff, 27, of 5B Heaton St., Rochester, faces a violation-level charge of indecent exposure/lewdness, to which she entered a not guilty plea in Portsmouth District Court Monday. It’s the second time Skiff’s pants have landed her in the District Court in seven months.

“Her pants were down to the point where people could see her privates,” prosecutor Stephen Kasmar told the Herald.

According to the complaint by Officer Eric Bentz, police were called to the downtown area by someone complaining about a “woman with pants drooping low.” Bentz noted on the back of the complaint that he observed Skiff squatting in front of a bench exposing what he estimated to be six inches of buttocks. After “several requests” that she pull her pants up, Bentz reported, she did “slightly” but her “pubic hair and buttocks were still exposed.”

In addition, Bentz reported, Skiff was “rude and disorderly.”

After she was cited for indecent exposure and lewdness, Skiff was “spoken to” again later the same day by a different police officer who was asked to serve her a barment letter prohibiting her from entering Starbucks.

Skiff’s trial date has not yet been scheduled.

On Nov. 8, 2007, Skiff pleaded guilty to a Newington police charge of criminal trespassing for refusing to leave the Fox Run Mall when asked to do so because her low-slung jeans revealed her buttocks. During her Oct. arraignment on that charge, she wore buttocks-revealing pants to the District Court.

In exchange for her guilty plea, the misdemeanor charge was reduced to a violation and she was fined $200, with all of it suspended pending her good behavior for six months.