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The building of Fahrenheit: record-breaking roller coaster at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania

June 13, 2008

Article and kick ass video here.

In just two months’ time, riders will crest this same piece of steel, then hurtle down a record-setting 97-degree slope—yes, that’s 7 degrees past vertical—on the steepest and most severe roller-coaster descent in the United States. “When you come over the apex of the curve, you’re lifted forward into the harness,” says Kent Bachmann, the park’s director of design and engineering. “The track actually disappears for a few seconds.” And that’s just the beginning: Fahrenheit will provide 2 solid minutes of corkscrews, barrel rolls and inversions. “That way every time you get on this ride,” Bachmann says, “you can have a different experience.”

Footage shot from front seat of Fahrenheit by a guy not worried about dropping his camera/phone.

Time Travel Expert chimes in on “Lost” season 4 finale

May 31, 2008

I’m confused, and I love it. Read all the time-travel/physics stuff here.