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Video Wars: Some horrific patriotic crap for the sheeple

April 23, 2009

Video Wars is a feature we run here periodically. A few years ago, a buddy of mine and I would try to out-mortify one another by sending horrific music video clips. Sadly, now I share them on this blog. So, you’re all collateral damage in our war. Anyway, I have no info. on this video, but perhaps it’s best you don’t know the artist or the song title as the names would haunt you forever. Crapitude such as this is best left unnamed.

Courtesy of Jon. Sorry everyone, that in his quest for vengence he had to involve you. He’s a cruel bastard as you can tell.

My Name is John Daker

November 17, 2008

To quote from the tagline from Waiting for Guffman, “There’s a reason some talent goes undiscovered.” Watch John Daker bring down the house with a solo.

Can’t get enough? Ok, check out John Daker and 5 of his friends bring some patriotism with a “God Bless America” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic” medley. Inspiring…I won’t say exactly how or what it inspires, but inspiring nonetheless.

A whole new level of patriotism

July 5, 2008

There’s loving your country, and then there’s Sam Bloomfield, a U.S. citizen who emigrated from Tonga in 1976. More about him and why he loves the U.S. so much here.