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Geraldo Rivera Takes on Hurricane Ike-Ike Wins

September 13, 2008

The Onion: Cosmo completes study on how to please your man

August 7, 2008

Very informative with possible Nobel prize implications.  The Onion News hosts dead-on portrayal of those vapid, empty-headed morning hosts on every major network deserves some type of award.

The Onion: Domino’s tests limits of what humans will eat

July 23, 2008

Researchers prove a long suspected theory.

The Onion News Network: Most Children Oppose Healthcare

June 24, 2008

A recent survey of children found that they are overwhelmingly opposed to increased doctor visits and vaccinations.

More coverage at:

The best of TV news verbal slip-ups

June 20, 2008

Very funny footage of news anchors screwing up on live tv. Brought to you by our friends at  Go f**k yourself, San Diego.

CNN: providine news, commentary, and innuendo

June 11, 2008

“Did you just say the money shot?” The reaction of the 2 panelists is amusing.

Weatherman complies with parole officer on air

June 10, 2008

These laws requiring sex offenders to notify the public of their status may have gotten a bit extreme. (might take a second glance)

Stream live news from around the world

June 8, 2008

Check out news from around the world.