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NCAA Expands March Madness to 4096 teams

March 10, 2009

Now that’s some serious madness.

Best buzzer beater of 2009

January 29, 2009

Shot made with only .5 seconds left on the clock.

Viva El Pye, certainly the lead Chum contributor of 2009.

The coolest buzzer beater you’ll see for sometime

December 3, 2008

Watch this no look basket to win the game for the Division III Oswego State.  Do try this at home.

Flippin’ nasty college football injury due to poorly placed carts

November 2, 2008

Wicked compound fracture, and possible career-ending injury, because some idiots parked metal carts just outside of the endzone. Hope this guy has a full recovery.

“The Perfect Option” music video for Georgia Tech Football

September 2, 2008

Why do I find myself hoping GT goes winless this year? Bring back Vanilla Ice…..

Via Fan IQ

NCAA Basketball fans rejoice: CBS cuts Billy Packer

July 15, 2008

(image from

Now to just get Hubie Brown and Bill Walton booted from doing NBA games. (Tim McCarver and Joe Buck leaving baseball would be great as well…check out Awful Announcing for more terrible broadcasters)……I love March Madness and the only thing that dampens my fun is the sound of Billy Packer’s inane commentary. He’s a woeful broadcaster and should’ve been canned awhile ago. The article below if from the Miami Herald.

College basketball commentator Billy Packer, who has announced 34 consecutive Final Fours on network television and created a few controversies along the way, will not be returning to CBS for a 28th season, The Miami Herald has learned.

CBS has decided to replace Packer, 68, with studio analyst Clark Kellogg on its lead announcing team.

An announcement is expected Monday, but CBS representative Leslie Anne Wade confirmed the story Sunday night.

CBS believed the time was right for a change and that Kellogg deserved a chance to work with Jim Nantz on the lead team.

Packer, who had been going year to year with his contract, confirmed through a CBS official Sunday that he no longer will broadcast for the network but is pursuing other projects in basketball. Packer declined to comment further.

More here

Here’s just 1 of many of Packer’s terrible moments from recent games. Duke forward Gerald Henderson delivers a vicious and completely intentional elbow to the face of UNC’s Tyler Hansborough in March of 2007. Watch Packer repeatedly claim it Henderson was just going for the ball……