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Ridiculous Cleveland news broadcast about a bear in a neighborhood

June 21, 2009

The reporter decides to utilize some props to help viewers get an idea what a bear in the backyard looks like.

Thursday dose of cool from The Chive

April 29, 2009

Be sure to check out the rest of The Chive’s feature “They Look Photoshopped but They’re Not.”

WTF Monday: An insane person’s guide to mushrooms

March 15, 2009

The book cover below is from one of my new favorite blogs, Eat Liver, which hosts various funny, bizarre, and odd pictures collected from around the internet.  The image below certainly fits into that category.  Not sure what the publishers were going for……

See more pictures at  Eat Liver.

Pop Quiz Hot-shot: How Do You Survive a Stampeding Elephant?

September 9, 2008

Multiple choice test.  Answer D., throw your smaller, slower spouse in elephant’s path, strangely absent.

Trap Jaw ants

July 22, 2008

There’s something oddly hypnotic about watching these ants somersault through the air in super slow motion.  Throw in a Brian Eno-esque score and you’ll be sucked right in.  Lest anyone think this is a fake, I looked these critters up and MSNBC had this to say in an article they ran back in 2006

In attacks against intruders, dubbed “bouncer defenses,” the ants slam their mandibles against their targets—in experiments, thin strips of plastic or metal—presumably to injure them or bounce them away. Coincidentally, this can also catapult the ants up to 15 inches away. This distance, translated for a 5-foot-6-inch tall person, roughly equates to a record-shattering Olympic long jump of 132 feet.

When the researchers introduced predators such as spiders, the trap-jaw ants at times used so-called “escape jumps,” directing their jaws toward the ground, launching themselves up to 3 inches in the air. For our 5-foot-6-inch Olympian, that’s 44 feet. The world record in the high jump is just slightly over 8 feet.

Catfish out for a leisurely stroll in a Florida neighborhood. Dogfish chew up your slippers out of jealousy.

July 16, 2008

Apparently, some types of catfish can walk around on land as long as they stay moist.  Bizarre sounding, and even more bizarre looking.  Check out the video here.

Spiders on Drugs

July 11, 2008

This is a classic. You may have already seen this, but a friend sent it to me, and even though I’ve seen it before, I felt like passing it along.

Blackbirds dive bombing Chicago residents; Paul McCartney unavailable for comment

June 23, 2008

Two of the most common types of blackbirds.

The fiercely territorial behaviour of the male red-winged blackbird has been blamed for a series of incidents.

People have complained of being chased for up to 100 yards, pecked in the head and had their hair clawed.

Mr Stotz advised anyone targeted by an angry blackbird to stare directly at it. If that fails, barking like a dog should keep it away, he said.


Video of house washed away by rising river

June 10, 2008

Amazing footage. Two-story house being swept away by rising tides in the Wisconsin River as well as roads being washed out.

Mother Nature can be a bitch.

Insert your own caption

June 1, 2008

Original pic