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From The Onion: Parent Mad 6-Year-Old Didn’t Like Peanuts Special

December 21, 2008

Parent Mad 6-Year-Old Didn’t Like Peanuts Special

December 19, 2001 | Issue 37•46

ROSE HILL, VA—Bruce Pillard, 34, was angered Tuesday over his 6-year-old daughter’s indifferent reaction to A Charlie Brown Christmas. “That show is a classic and an annual tradition!” an incensed Pillard told daughter Courtney after watching the program on CBS. “It is not ‘boring,’ and the voices do not sound ‘weird.’ What the hell is wrong with you?” Courtney was sent to her room for the remainder of the evening.

Oh how The Chum Master loves The Onion.

“Hey Ya” and Charlie Brown Christmas Mashup

December 11, 2008

Not bad.