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If 43,000 pounds of Dos Equis beer spills on highway is anyone sad?

July 15, 2008

A truck carrying 43,000 pounds of beer blew a tire, overturned and caught fire shortly before noon Monday on eastbound I-20 in DeKalb County.

According to DeKalb County Fire Rescue spokesman Capt. Eric Jackson, dozens of full and unopened Dos Equis beer kegs inside the truck did not spill during the accident — to the dismay of hundreds who were forced to wait in the hot midday sun until blocked lanes were cleared about 1:45 p.m.

Nobody was hurt in the wreck, which blocked two of the center lanes of the interstate just east of Panola Road.


Budweiser, the crappiest of American beers, to possibly be purchased by a European beer company?!?!

June 12, 2008

Budweiser, while a terrible, terrible beer, is apparently being courted by Belgian Brewer InBev. Fear not, loyal Bud drinkers, if approved, the sale won’t result in a better taste, or really any taste, being added to your beer. Knock back a cold bottle of piss and read this.

Here’s to hoping they at least keep great commercials like this one coming.

Now that’s some good science: Keeping beer fresher

June 7, 2008

ScienceDaily (Jun. 7, 2008) — Scientists in Venezuela are reporting an advance in the centuries-old effort to preserve the fresh taste that beer drinkers value more than any other characteristic of that popular beverage.

Their study identifies key substances involved in giving beer an aged or “oxidized” flavor.

In the new study, Adriana Bravo and colleagues point out that past efforts to keep beer fresh have focused on protecting beer from contact with the air throughout the brewing process. That focus, however, has resulted in only a relatively small improvement in flavor stability.

The research identified a group of poorly understood substances called alpha-carbonyls as important culprits in the decline in fresh flavor that occurs as beer ages. It also showed that levels of some of these substances could be reduced by adding ingredients that block their formation, thus making beer taste fresher longer.

Original article
Knock one back while reading the original article here.

Beer-the other lifesaver

May 31, 2008

Beer cans save life of crash lad

by Guy Patrick

A CAR crash victim’s life was saved because he’d been out drinking lager, it emerged last night.

Kyle Whyte was close to death after he was crushed against a nursery school wall.

But the fluid from the four cans he had just downed stopped him dying of shock. It helped compensate for the massive loss of blood.

The salesman said: “I never thought lager would save my life. This is the one time drinking was good for me.”

Kyle, 21, was hit when a car mounted the pavement. Fiancée Roisin Moss, also 21, kept him conscious until medics arrived.

Kyle suffered breaks to his skull, eye sockets, jaw, nose, cheeks, neck, ribs, knees and shins.

He was put into a medical coma for four days as surgeons attached metal plates to his bones to aid healing.

Kyle, of Oswaldtwistle, Lancs, said: “If I have any more metal put in me, I’ll be starring in the next Terminator film.”

Police say the driver has been interviewed but not arrested. An investigation is continuing.

Original article at The Sun.