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John Daly hits tee shot off a beer can at Buick Open

June 26, 2008

I’m surprised he would waste the beer. Footage from the Buick Open Pro-Am just outside of Detroit. And if you keep watching, yes, that’s Kid Rock playing with him. Suck it country club members!

Kid Rock preaches some truth about iTunes

June 20, 2008

iTunes is a start…..but artists will be able to make more money distributing their own songs, like Radiohead did with their last album. There’s a way to go, but Kid Rock is no fan of iTunes. The songs are over-priced and the quality is very low.

“So the internet was an opportunity for everyone to be treated fairly, for the consumer to get a fair price, for the artist to be paid fairly, for the record companies to make some money.”

But they stuck to the “old system”, he continued.