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Wecyle on your way to the cannibas shop

August 15, 2008

Because you’ll never remember to do it afterwards. This is how the Dutch government reminds its people to stay green.

Global Warming as Mass Neurosis by the Wall Street Journal

July 9, 2008

The Wall Street Journal ran a great article Sunday and the title in the blog post pretty much sums it up.
More here

Should Madison, WI ban drivethroughs?

June 25, 2008

This is the question asked by Mike Ivey, writer for The Capital Times, asks. Here’s what a member of the Madison Planning Commission has to say.

“Given the concern about all the carbon going into the atmosphere, I’m not sure we should be building more places for people to sit idling in their cars,” says Eric Sundquist, who was appointed to the citizen panel by Mayor Dave Cieslewicz this spring.

“Bans haven’t gotten as far in the U.S., although I know San Luis Obispo, Calif., has one,” he says.

More lunacy here.

UK MP-Every adult should have to carry “carbon ration cards.”

May 29, 2008

Man…a national ID card, now these carbon ration cards. I’m going to need a new government-issued wallet with the optional terrorist message decoder ring. Something from a non-animal source of course, with a low carbon foot-print, and not too snazzy looking, lest anyone think I’m materialistic. Ration this.

Here’s another ration card for you from our friends at The People’s Cube which, ironically enough is a satire on socialism, so I’m sure it’s got lots of global warming content there.

Nuke-hatin’, peace-activist dares question the holy grail that is global warming

May 22, 2008

Apparently, debate isn’t dead after all.