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AMAZING tricycle jump.

February 1, 2009

Insane.   He almost loses it down the ramp but rights himself and then….wow.   The gent’s name is Travis Pastrana. (ignore the text that pops up at the beginning)

Aries Spears channels LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, DMX, and Jay-Z

November 9, 2008

Actor/comedian Aries Spears freestyles and imitates four of his favorite rappers.  FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!

A rap battle translated to English

October 22, 2008

Hil-freakin’-larious.  Watch the whole thing.  Shocker: a brawl breaks out at the end.  Yes, at a rap battle.  Nothing is sacred anymore.

Obama haircut. I don’t know what to say to this…..

July 30, 2008

Sent by a friend. No context. Perhaps it’s better that way.

“Kobe tell me how my @ss taste!” Shaq slams Kobe while freestyling on stage

June 24, 2008

I guess they aren’t getting along so well after all. Shaq has dug up the hatchet and took a few whacks in Kobe Bryant’s direction. I believe the NSFW language has been bleeped out already.