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Farkitrol: Conquer your unreasonable fears

July 8, 2008

The entire world is fucked up and you’re going to die. Farkitrol® keeps everything in proper perspective.

About Farkitrol®

Farkitrol® was created as a treatment for Media Dischordia combined with Media Sterilitus – a deadly combination of scattered and boring facts which atrophys the brain and causes dependency on sub-standard channels for information nutrition.

When combined with common sense and basic human awareness, Farkitrol® can greatly decrease the reliance on the only three sources available in the Mainstream Media for predigested, highly editorialized, commercial “news” and allows for a broader understanding of why certain information seems to show up again and again in the Mainstream Media. Farkitrol® may be habit forming. Ask your doctor or the guys in your company’s IT department about the potential side effects of Farkitrol®, such as snarkiness, immediate detection of bullshit, and the inability to see the “news” reported on mainstream news networks as anything other than what it is – commercially viable infotainment broadcast exclusively for the purpose of keeping your attention long enough to advertise products at you.

For Beach Depression/Shark Mania (BDSM)

For Missing White Girl Syndrome

For Dangerous Playgrounditis

For Mediastatial Germaphobia