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Sexy People Tuesday

March 16, 2009

Sexy People is a blog that certainly lives up to its name. Made up of user-submitted photos, this will bring back painful memories for many of us.  Not for me of course.  Nope, you’ll never find any early 90’s photos with my hair painstakingly sculpted with Aqua Net.  Those pics. don’t exist.  Check out a few of the latest Sexy People submissions.







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Not your proudest moment caught on film

August 26, 2008

Poor kid sitting in the front row. He’s liable to get sick, too. Before you know it, we’ll have a Stand By Me county scene going with vomit flying everywhere. However, without Corey Feldman around it won’t be so funny, will it? Head over to Holy Taco and submit a caption for it. Winner gets Singstar for the PS3.