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A superb interview with the writers of HBO’s “The Wire”

May 27, 2008

So no, I don’t think we’re being cynical. I think we’re being factual. We’ve been fighting the drug war for 30 years. Thirty years of failure. But there’s some reason that we persist in this. What is it? We never explore why that is. But you just can’t spend this much money and get these few results and continue on like this. Someone has to start wondering what the fuck is going on.

–Ed Burns, former vice-cop, and 1 of the 2 writers/creators of “The Wire”

A great interview on the abject failure of the “war on drugs” with the writers and creators of HBO’s “The Wire.” Interviewed by Radley Balko of Read and really think about what the writers are saying….and then ask yourself if you think they’re not dead on.

Happy Birthday!!! While the Federal Govt continues to prosecute and imprison patients with cancer, AIDS, HIV, and MS, the Fed’s very own medicinal marijuana program turns 30.

May 16, 2008

Yeah, funny, eh? Despite the FDA, drug cops, and assorted govt. flunkies insisting to you that medicinal marijuana has no benefits, the Feds have actually sponsored a medicinal marijuana program for the last 30 years. That’s right, a small group of patients has been receiving government-provided marijuana for their illnesses for 3 decades.
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Footage of Irvin Rosenfeld, a Florida stockbroker, testifying before a State House sub-committee of the great state of MI in 2006. Somehow this man has not only been able to use marijuana to manage his previously debilitating disease, but he also has managed to avoid becoming a petty thief, gangsta, wife-beater, or just an all-around loser. (if this is a shock to any of you, pull your head out of your ass)

American College of Physicians:”Pot is good medicine”-Cops: “Nothing to see here”

May 14, 2008

The second largest professional body of physicians has declared its official support for medical marijuana. Drug cops, bureaucrats, and other moral overlords scramble to stem tide of the U.S. finally coming to its senses.

Put this in your pipe and smoke it