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Attractive Girls Union refuses to talk with Mike Greenman

January 4, 2009

Hard-hitting coverage from The Onion News Network.  Mike Greenman isn’t making any inroads with the Attractive Girls Union (AGU).  Footage and analysis from the press conference.  1 NSFW word around the 3:00 mark.  Very funny stuff.

“Douchebag” by Runawaybox

January 1, 2009

Not a bad description.

Mr. Cool Ice-proud owner of some of the world’s worst tattoos

December 23, 2008

Entire segment is in German, but really, douchebagan is a universal language.  Curious: what’s German for “desperate for attention”?  Seriously, you want to watch all of this……it’s wonderful.

A comprehensive guide to facial hair types.

August 29, 2008

I’m kind of fond of the “Melancholy Motorhead” myself. You?

Via Image Poop

Jersey nightclub bans overweight women

July 30, 2008


Havana’s, a popular nightclub on the New Jersey shoreline (oh crap, where is this going?), decided to not allow some big girls in their club last week in his club. Club manager Martin Sayers said he’d had numerous complaints from other customers about the number of overweight women frequenting his club. So, he decided to ban them, but allowed overweight men to come into the club.

Naturally, this pissed a few people off, so their natural reaction was to form a Facebook group, “Stop Havana Club Discrimination.” They’re planning a protest this Friday……

Me personally, if I was refused entry, I probably wouldn’t want to go back there. I certainly wouldn’t be marching to be allowed back in…….Like it or not, it’s a private club, so the management can refuse entry to pretty much anyone they want. If it’s a real problem, a smart entrepreneur would open up a club catering to bigger ladies…..

You know what, screw that ladies. Watch this video below taken at Neptunes in Long Island. You’re doing yourself a favor by not going.

Ok, ok, I know, they’re not in Jersey, so I’m sure it’s totally different there. Let’s ask these gentleman in the next clip.  NSFW language.

Oasis on doing a Radiohead-like album giveaway, “F**k that.”

July 11, 2008

(Promo photo from the Oasis’ official website)

OASIS fans should not expect Radiohead-style free albums from the Mancunian rockers.

Noel Gallagher is apparently looking to make his money back.

The elder Gallagher brother says fans will have to pay full whack for the band’s next album, Dig Out Your Soul, and dismisses Radiohead’s honesty-box policy of selling albums as “a great way of getting a load of marketing for free”.

He said: “That’s not our bag. I didn’t spend a year in the most expensive studio in England, with the most expensive producer in America and the most expensive graphic designer in London, to then give it away. F*** that.”


A cultural trainwreck: “Get Down on U” music video by B4-4

July 9, 2008

This is almost too much.  It’s got it all, guidos, oompa loompas, horrible boy band music, obligatory sports and beach montages, and a hint of “teacher/student” sex scandal with the way the ladies on the beach are into the little kid.  Seriously, you need to watch this, but at the same time, you may feel a bit off for a few hrs.

p.s.  This is a special dedication to my friends Jon and Izzy…although I’m not sure how much longer our friendship can survive me assailing their senses with videos like this.

Flobots’ “Handle Bars” parody, “Scottsdale Bars” by the Blobots

June 25, 2008

The Edge 103.9 FM radio station is sponsoring a contest to see who can make the best parody video of the Flobots’ song, Handle Bars.

The station offers the parody song, “Scottsdale Bars” by the Blobots for download. Videomakers then download the song, set it to video, and upload it to enter the contest. More info. from the station.

Do you know any Douches’ that hang out at the Scottsdale Bars? Are you a Douche yourself, or can do a good impersonation of one? Do you own a video camera? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then pay attention!

The Blobots need YOUR help to make a video that does the #1 song in Phoenix justice. Email us your video Youtube link, slideshow or “live performances” to: and then check back to see how your interpretation stacks up against the other Affliction wearing, BMW driving, frosted tips Douches’. (no offense)

You can win free stuff from The Edge and the Blobots just for submitting, but more importantly YOUR video could be proudly presented as the OFFICAL music video of the Blobots “

If this video doesn’t end up as the winner, I can’t imagine what will. Hilarity.

** Exclusive** F.O.O.L.S. (Friends Of Oompa Loopma Society) chapters springing up everywhere

June 23, 2008

An age of acceptance and tolerance is upon us. I for one couldn’t be happier for our orange-skinned brothers and sisters. And, hey, let’s hear it for the young ladies accompanying our friends. Creamsicle-love was once a social taboo, but that won’t stop these trailblazing F.O.O.L.S.

Please excuse the lack of smiles on faces of the young people above.  If you’d experienced even a sliver of the discrimination they had, you’d be hard pressed to smile, especially if you’re the Oompa Loompas as the contrast between their face and teeth usually draws unwanted attention.

Dance-off: Woman vs. Guido

June 12, 2008

This woman clowns the Guido so bad…hilarity. Well, hilarious when she’s in the frame. When it’s just the guido(s) dancing I feel like I’m a voyeur watching a seizure….and laughing.