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“100 and one faces”

January 4, 2009


Thanks to Chip Dogg.

Former NBA player Jason Caffey now bankrupt, but well on his way to fathering a baker’s dozen….

June 10, 2008

He’s got 10 with 8 different women already, he’s well on his way!


Former Chicago Bull Jason Caffey is in some seriously deep doo doo for allegedly stiffing one of his ten kids — yes, ten — out of child support.

A Georgia judge initially ordered Caffey to the clink in 2007 after he got $100K behind in support payments to Lorunda Brown, the mother of one of his sons. That order was subsequently put on hold when the baller cried broke and filed for bankruptcy.

Brown’s lawyer now wants to know, penny by penny, where all of Caffey’s jack went — including the $35 million that he made in his last NBA contract.

BTW, Caffey had those ten kids with eight women. That’s King Baby Daddy to you.

Caffey’s lawyer said they’ll be there at this week’s hearing to deal with the case.

And speaking of athletes who are also all about sharing the love, ck. out this list, and click on the link to see the complete list, courtesy of 100% Injury Rate


Shawn Kemp – 7 illegitimate kids by 6 women. Gives his nickname of the Reign Man new meaning.
Evander Holyfield – 9 illegitimate kids. “Heck I’m not even mad, I’m impressed!”
Ex-San Antonio Spur Willie Anderson – 9 illegitimate kids. If only his field goal percentage had been as high as his impregnation rate.
Derrick Thomas – 7 illegitimate kids by 5 women. He died at 33. Let’s just leave it at that.
Ray Charles – Not an athlete, but still had 9 illegitimate kids and 12 total, which is quite impressive. Being blind must have made it tough to get that condom on.
UPDATE: Don’t know how we missed this – thanks to a reader for pointing this out to us – Calvin Murphy reportedly had 14 illegitimate kids by 9 women. Wow.