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The bottom of a pool, while it may be convenient, is no place to park your car.

July 8, 2008

Melissa Campasino was vacationing in Florida when she received a frantic call from her neighbor Kim Taylor.

By the sound of Taylor’s voice, Campasino knew something was wrong.

Taylor started by saying something happened at Campasino’s home in Stewartstown, but no one was hurt.

Then she offered a few more words, saying that a car went into her yard.

After more silence, Campasino heard Taylor say something about she thought she put the emergency brake on.

And then something about a car hitting her fence.

And then something about her pool.

“She was telling me this very slowly. I finally said what, what, what about five times,” Campasino said.

Campasino’s imagination began to run wild. She had no idea what to expect.
Gordon’s Towing Service lifts the car from the pool. The pool is salvageable. The car’s fate is in question. (Submitted)
And she wasn’t going to find out anytime soon, because she and her husband, Dan, were visiting Melissa’s sister in Fort Myers, Fla., on June 26, the day Taylor called.

After a few more minutes, Melissa Campasino finally pieced together what had happened — Taylor’s red Mazda Miata had rolled downhill, went through a garden and ramped into the air, crashed through a fence and landed in the deep end of her in-ground pool.

“She kept saying, ‘I could have sworn I put on the emergency brake,'” Campasino said. “It was hard to get upset because she was so upset. What could you do? We were in Florida.”

Melissa Campasino tried to explain what happened to Dan. Dan wasn’t laughing but was starting to get fired up.

He eventually cooled down when their daughter, Ashley, called.

Taylor had called Ashley Campasino at work at Hooter’s in York at 11:30 a.m. June 26. Ashley rushed home to see what had happened. She called her mother in Florida. Her mother remembers Ashley giggling and promising to send a few photos over her camera phone.

“Sure enough, there was a car in our pool,” Melissa Campasino said.

Police and the tow truck driver estimated the car was going 40 mph before it hit the water. Melissa Campasino later learned that Kim Taylor was screaming and chasing the Miata all the way down the hill until it splashed down. Taylor could not be reached for comment.

By the time Gordon’s Towing Service lifted the estimated 2,300-pound car out of the pool five hours later, Ashley had snapped 105 photos, which she posted on the Internet.

Melissa and Dan Campasino were thankful no one was hurt. They also figured if it hadn’t been for the pool, which will be repaired soon, the car would have smashed into their home.

Melissa and Dan then sat down and looked at the pictures on a computer screen.

“We just sat and laughed,” she said. “And then we went out for drinks.”