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Ohio judge: state must change means of execution as 2 of 3 drugs used can cause pain.

June 14, 2008

Notice the posters behind him. Kind of speaks for itself. Perhaps the judge would prefer execution by firing squad, the favorite of his boy Che Guevera in the background. Bullets are quicker and cheaper than the methods Ohio uses now, plus you can eliminate hindrances like a court system….if you’re following the Che/Castro methods.

ELYRIA, Ohio (AP) — A judge in Ohio says the state’s method of putting prisoners to death is unconstitutional because two of three drugs used in the lethal injection process can cause pain.

Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge said Tuesday the state’s lethal injection procedure doesn’t provide the quick and painless death required by Ohio law.

Burge said Ohio must stop allowing a combination of drugs and focus instead on a single, anesthetic drug.

The ruling is likely be appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Ohio has executed 26 inmates since it resumed putting prisoners to death in 1999.