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Dimitri the Lover’s Monthly Meetings in Toronto

August 24, 2008

You might remember Dimitri the Lover, a self-described “seduction expert” that resides in Toronto from our highlighting of his antics early this summer. For a refresher on this douchebag, click here. Apparently, Dimitri leads a monthly meeting called Toronto Real Men. Some highlights of Dimitri’s course below.

“Unfortunately, due to absurd, unnatural, feminist-inspired North American laws which run contrary to our natural biological urges, men are restricted from groping women at
will. Therefore, it is imperative that the touching be consensual. The key is getting women to feel both comfortable and aroused at the thought of being treated like a piece of meat at a slave auction.”

“Cost per meeting is $29+GST paid on-line 24h in advance OR $40 Dimitrified cash at the door. If you prefer, annual membership is just $269+GST, which includes admittance to all TORONTO REAL MEN meetings (works out to about $22/meeting), regular meet & greets with sluts from the community, 10% off Dimitri The Lover’s products & courses, and a subscription to The Prophet’s controversial monthly newsletter, Toronto Slut Alert.”

See the full ad for the August meeting here.

And, because I can’t resist the opportunity to laugh at Dimitri the Lover, here’s a voicemail of him darn near stalking a woman in the San Francisco area (allegedly). I’m assuming this woman was immune to his seduction techniques.