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Earth TV-best of May

June 15, 2008

Earth TV is a website that lets you view footage from video cameras around the world. With 70 different cameras positioned in N.America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia Earth TV allows you to view live or time lapse footage from around the globe. It’s pretty interesting. ck. out the video below, “Best of May” which is a compilation of footage shot around the globe.

UK police ban hats in Yorkshire Pubs with requisite “It’s for your safety” justification

June 7, 2008

The Park Hotel in Wadsley, Sheffield, is the latest to be asked to impose the rule by senior police officers.

Mark Kelly, the landlord said: “Police asked us to ensure that everyone removes headgear.

“With pensioners, by the time they sit down their hats always come off anyway because they were brought up with manners so usually take their hats off indoors.”

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The measure, designed to prevent people from obscuring their faces from CCTV cameras, has been questioned by Barnsley’s former Test umpire Dickie Bird, 75, well-known for his favoured white flat cap.

He said: “Asking a Yorkshireman to take off his flat cap — whoever heard of anything so silly.

“It’s a Yorkshire tradition, men wearing flat caps. Although youngsters don’t bother these days, older men still wear them and should be allowed to continue.

“I still wear a flat cap when I go out shopping and often leave it on when I get home and end up sitting watching TV with my cap on They look smart and they keep your head nice and warm.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said bans on people wearing headgear in public premises had been operated in banks and post offices for years.

She added: “There have been incidents both in pubs and other establishments when it has not been possible to identify offenders captured on CCTV because hats were hiding their faces.”

UK Police State cameras finally do something useful

June 2, 2008

Take a bunch of obtrusive, ineffective at stopping crime CCTV cameras…..

Add a local band too poor to afford the proper equipment to make a music video

UK band can’t afford to shoot music video. Answer: Play the song in view some of the country’s 13 million surveillance cameras, then use the Freedom of Information Act to get the footage, and mix together. Voila, a music video.