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Satellite images of an ordinary day in Britian

August 11, 2008

A new tv series, Britian from Above, started running on the BBC last night.  The show utilizes satellite images to show how Britons travel and communicate.  The images below will be used in the series.

Presenter Andrew Marr takes to the skies by plane, helicopter, microlight and even parachute to give viewers a bird’s eye view of landmarks across the UK.

The programme uses satellite data and the latest computer generated imagery to demonstrate how Britain keeps moving – tracking the planes that enter our airspace, the ships that cross the English Channel and the cars that travel our streets, all in the space of a single day.

More at The Daily Mail

Telephone exchange activity over part of the UK

A satellite image over the UK showing aircraft flight paths activity

London Taxi activity

Internet activity in the South of England

UK Police State cameras finally do something useful

June 2, 2008

Take a bunch of obtrusive, ineffective at stopping crime CCTV cameras…..

Add a local band too poor to afford the proper equipment to make a music video

UK band can’t afford to shoot music video. Answer: Play the song in view some of the country’s 13 million surveillance cameras, then use the Freedom of Information Act to get the footage, and mix together. Voila, a music video.