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Strong Bad email: Guitar

September 4, 2008

Homestar Runner is a series of Flash-animation characters that should leave you in stitches. Stitches I say! Ck. out the site sometime. I found out about it years ago, and it’s guaranteed* to make you laugh. The video below is from one of the site’s most popular characters, Strong Bad. He answers reader emails in a very snarky fashion.

“The Final Countdown”-possibly the worst cover you might ever hear.

August 29, 2008

We posted a band from Norway’s rockabilly cover of Europe’s The Final Countdown earlier this month. Now, we present possibly the worst cover, of a bad song to begin with, ever. No idea of who this band is or where they’re playing. You must watch all of it. It’s hypnotically bad. The famous synthesizer part sounds like it’s played on a Fisher Price “My First Keyboard.” Seriously, watch the whole thing. You’ll thank me.