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We fully support the Tazering of police officers…

January 11, 2009

especially when it has results like this.  What a wookie…..

Newark, New Jersey cop chokes photographer while photographer is cuffed. Photographer’s “crime”? Filming on a public sidewalk.

November 23, 2008

Newark, NJ cop apparently forgets about the First Amendment as he arrests cameraman for filming.  In broad daylight.  On a public street.  I’m sure this is an isolated incident.

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Philly cops to tryout for Eagles’ kicking team; use suspects faces for practice

May 9, 2008

Regardless of what these guys have been charged with, attempted murder, due process exists for all people.  Police are subject to laws and guidelines that don’t get thrown out the window arbitrarily. That being said, watch the “by-the-book” way in which these guys charge the car, rip them out, and kick and beat the guys while they’re on the ground.  In particular, notice 1 cop run back and forth to get his licks in.  Good cops, and I know they’re out there……do they really wonder why they get lumped in with the thugs that share the same badge?  Try breaking that code of silence you guys have…blue before blood, right officers?  Does anyone think this is the first time those particular cops have teed off on someone’s face before?

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