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Wecyle on your way to the cannibas shop

August 15, 2008

Because you’ll never remember to do it afterwards. This is how the Dutch government reminds its people to stay green.

“Just a Friend” by Biz Markie

July 7, 2008

My daughter and I love this song, my wife hates it. She can’t get past this guy’s off-key voice. Boo to her. The Biz has a good sense of humor.

The original video.

And Biz performing this song at de Melkweg in Amsterdam. Biz seemed to have been enjoying all that Amsterdam has to offer. 🙂 He forgets some of the lyrics, but it’s cool to see how popular this song is 20 yrs. later on a different continent.

Police suspect giraffe in circus breakout

July 1, 2008

(Editor’s Note: police believe suspect *may* have been using a disguise)

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Fifteen camels, two zebras and several llamas and pot-bellied pigs escaped from a circus visiting Amsterdam early Monday, police said.

“We suspect that a giraffe kicked open a pen,” Dutch police said in a statement, adding that the animals did not get far before they were rounded up and returned to the circus.