Video Wars: “All We’ve Been Through” by Ladomour

Combover+synthesizer+obsession with 1 cheesy video effect=our first Video Wars Submission in a long time.  Bonus: serious introspection at the 0:47 mark.

What’s up Izzy and Jon?  Whatchu got?

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8 Responses to “Video Wars: “All We’ve Been Through” by Ladomour”

  1. Izzy Says:

    I need some time to gather myself after this crushing defeat. But alas, I will be back…and stronger…

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Ouch. You’d have to strap me to a chair and tape my eyelids open to make me finish that one.

  3. caramyl Says:

    wow, it amazes me how people are so quick to put down others who try. i guarantee u in time when u see the true latent of this person u will wonder why u were so quick to pass a negative judgement,

  4. caramyl Says:

    if u would take the time to pay attention to his music style, it’s not jazz! it’s alternative r&b which is a blend of jazz, r&b, funk, and rock. What if now one were confident enough to step out and do something different because some of us can’t go beyond what is the norm. The world would be always stay the same.

  5. Your Daily Chum Says:

    Caramyl, if I ever see “talent” when I’m watching that video please put me on meds.

  6. RICK Says:

    I think this guy has a lot of potiential. He seems a little different. I went to his record label site (, and he had some good music on there. It also stated he plays all the instruments, So i dont know. Daily Chum I love your site but I think you might be doing a little HATING here!

    • Your Daily Chum Says:

      I wonder exactly what is defined as “hating”? Is any negative feedback considered hating? I respect that the gentleman plays is own instruments. Doesn’t mean he plays them well, or that he can craft a good song, or that his voice is good though. So, if hating is defined as pointing out those things, then I suppose I’m a hater.

      Anyway, thanks for reading!

  7. caramyl Says:

    Like the other man said, he took the time to check out Ladomour’s website, as I did. How can u say he can’t play instruments, or craft a good song, or he doesn’t have a good voice. What r u listening to? The video is obviously low budget, but he has a lot of talent. Ur girl must have liked him or something, cause compared to a lot of the crap that’s out there today, this brother is a real artist. I will be interested in what u would say when he rises higher.

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