Retro Advertising: Cherry Coke commercial from 1985

I remember when Coca Cola started selling Cherry Coke in 1985.  I loved it instantly.  I still can’t get enough Cherry Coke.  Mmmmmmmmmm……..cherry-syrup-flavored cola.

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One Response to “Retro Advertising: Cherry Coke commercial from 1985”

  1. abraham but not simpson Says:

    wow…that brings me back to my tender years in the late 80’s in washington DC at a ProLife Rally with my parents and older sister…it was hot outside and COCA COLA was our “bottled water.” you know…there wasn’t always bottled water. no, i’m not kidding, it was back in whatcha hoozit in the sweltering summer and you would put either TAP water or WELL water into a Canteen and carry it around like a normal individual… you would look like a misfit now days. THEEEESE days you have to waste plastic bottles and pretend the recycling program works….and before there were canteens….

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