Steve the Drunken Lawnmower Man Part Deux

Steve just can’t catch a break. He’s already been arrested driving drunk on his lawnmower once before. One would think Steve would learn his lesson. One would be wrong.

Special dedication to Vitamin E as she’s not only a huge fan of Steve the Drunken Lawnmower Man, but she also spent all day cleaning her basement after there was a sewage backup on her street.  Ewww…..

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5 Responses to “Steve the Drunken Lawnmower Man Part Deux”

  1. Matt Says:

    I can’t even type that is so funny…LOL!

  2. vitamin e Says:

    Yes, I have mad love for Buddy Steve. We could be related, which might explain the attraction. Anyway, I’ve been waiting for him down here at the Oyster Shack for a drink, if he ever makes it down here.

  3. toro riding lawnmower tractor | Best Riding Lawn Mowers Blog Says:

    […] Steve the Drunken Lawnmower Man Part Deux « Your Daily Chum […]

  4. shakaama Says:

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    I think i woke my neighbors up laughing at 6 a.m. That has got to be the funniest video I’ve ever seen. For obvious reasons this tickled me. The policeman made the video just that extra funny. “STEVE” oh man, i died laughing right there.

    And, the oyster shack got a great plug on the internet. I’m no vitamin E but I think i’d like to talk to steve one day, have him tell me funny stories.

  5. toro lawn mower Says:

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