“Last Christmas”-the original by Wham, and a far superior cover version

A very closeted George Michael back in his Wham days. Notice as he hangs his head under the weight of living a lie. Well, the 15 lbs. of hair doesn’t help either, but still…

Dedicated to Izzy, a man whose love for that song is exceeded only by his love for publicly mooning his friends.  Not me of course…other friends.  Oh the shame…..

Next up is Kotaro Oshio performing a very nice acoustic cover of the song. Just a bit more understated than the Wham version.

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2 Responses to ““Last Christmas”-the original by Wham, and a far superior cover version”

  1. Izzy Says:

    How dare you defame George Michael by posting a cheap rip-off of his classic song on the same page as the original!

    As you can see, Wham was at the cutting edge of music video production as well. It’s so deep and laced with metaphor that, to the average person, it appears that nothing happens. Brilliant.

  2. kayla Says:

    I like the new Japanese foxxi Misq version of Wham’s Last Christmas

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