How you know you’re addicted to cosmetic surgery.

The woman pictured above, Hang Mioku, had her first plastic surgery at the age of 28.  Over the next 20 years she had multiple surgeries on her face and was even injecting her face with silicone and eventually cooking oil.  Mioku went on Korean television and money was raised to help reduce the size of her face.  Doctors removed over a 1/2 lb. of foreign substances from her face and neck.

Read more at The Telegraph

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2 Responses to “How you know you’re addicted to cosmetic surgery.”

  1. Mrs. Plastic Surgery Says:

    How do you know you have had enough? What in the world… this is worse than roids… well, almost!

  2. surprised not Says:

    This is so typical. A person with a mental health issue is held up as an example of plastic surgery. None of the Doctors who have done any of her work are listed. There is no way to compare the skill and competence of the doctors & we all act shocked when these sorts of things happen. Like I said, typical.

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