Axe Dark Temptation Spray Deodorant Ad Banned in India

The Indian government has banned a new television ad for Axe Body Spray. The commercial for the new Axe scent, Dark Temptation, features a man turning into solid chocolate and being, literally, pecked at by various women. India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting pulled the ad after receiving a complaint from a viewer. Check out the ad and judge for yourself.

Via Wall Street Journal

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11 Responses to “Axe Dark Temptation Spray Deodorant Ad Banned in India”

  1. JOnathan Says:

    Well his face was creepier than the new Burge King’s.

  2. Steven Foundation Says:

    I think the axe dark temptation commercial should be banned in the USA to. who wants sprinkles of chocolate from somebodys nose and the scene in the hospital bed is perverse. and the girl bitting the ass is obscene and tearing off hi arm can scare little children. this should be taken off the airwaves. sick humor…

    Sincerely Steve Foundation

  3. Your Daily Chum Says:

    Steven, thanks for somehow sending us your response from the year 1948. Your sense of humor is certainly puritanical, yet you have access to some sort of computer/time machine? Wait to see what civilization is like in the year 2008. God bless America.

  4. ... Says:

    It is not banned in India. i see it everyday

  5. Mr. Yank Says:

    Viewers who lodge such ridiculous complaints should be banned instead!

  6. Anik Says:

    The add is one of the best make in 2008. The viewers who have complained are probably too serious about life or haven’t heard the word ‘metaphoric’ !!

  7. Rahul Says:

    I don’t know what the fuss is all about. Its not that big of a deal anyway. Why are there people who think its obscene or perverted? I dont find it to be any of that infact its a cute little ad. You must be a really traditional backward minded person to think of complaining about such an ad. I would rather commend it for being so creative and funny. I hate people who think like they just came out of the 1700s with their narrow thinking. I hate fundamentalists, I hate overly religious people, I hate extremists and more importantly I hate people who are intolerant about any little thing that goes against what they think. Stop being such Nazis!

  8. touchy Says:

    when did everyone get so touchy?

    these comments are cries for valium…

  9. alex Says:

    how about it’s blatant racist imagery? does anyone take issue with that?

  10. T R Stevens Says:

    Lighten up and get a life, Biggot!

  11. rocker Says:

    it is still not banned in india today only i bought one

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