Alec Baldwin and the Creator of “My Name is Earl” Don’t Play Nice

So, Alec Baldwin feels like NBC hasn’t done enough to publicize his show 30 Rock, which is too bad, because it’s the funniest and most clever sitcom on TV right now.  So, Alec Baldwin’s mad, right and he’s all…

“NBC hasn’t done a thing to help this show (’30 Rock’). They’ve gone out of their way to wring the last drops out of ‘My Name Is Earl’ and ‘Scrubs.’ Those shows are done! They’re cooked! Yet they do a one-hour episode of ‘Earl.'”

Well, Greg Garcia, creator of My Name is Earl is like so pissed, right?  Well, he’s all like..

“(Baldwin) sounds like a psychotic narcissist. Instead of blaming NBC, I think Alec should consider that some people in America may not want to watch a man who cusses out his own 11-year-old daughter on a phone message. Oh, and the reason NBC occasionally puts on an hour long episode of ‘Earl’ is because an hour of ‘Earl’ gets better ratings than an ‘Earl’ followed by a ’30 Rock.’ It’s called math, stupid.”

So then, Alec Baldwin is probably encouraged by his publicist to make amends, so he issues a half-hearted apology/low blow  that ranks quite high in the history of  back handed apologies.

My apologies to the cast and crews of My Name Is Earl and Scrubs. In my frustration with NBC’s reprehensible promotion of 30 Rock, I took an unfortunate swipe at both of those shows and that was not cool.

But, for Earl’s creator, Greg Garcia, who referred to me as a “psychotic”, I have only one question. Why are you Scientologists always rendering these medical opinions you aren’t qualified to give?

I chuckle when celebs, who are usually muzzled by agents/studios, throw it down and show how they really feel.

Via Perez Hilton

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2 Responses to “Alec Baldwin and the Creator of “My Name is Earl” Don’t Play Nice”

  1. Matt Says:

    Beautiful…I love his question to Greg Garcia…Funny guy!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Hey Everyone,
    There is a charity auction taking place that all of you My Name Is Earl fans will love. The auction supports a fantastic charty called Food On Foot. The lucky winning bidder of the auction will recieve a Silent Walk On Roll to the set of My Name Is Earl. For all of the auction details visit The auction starts Friday Septmeber 12th, 2008 and will run for 10 days. Check it out!

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