Cops crack the living (explitive) out of a DNC protester

Crazy video footage of the police in Denver at the Democratic National Convention. Some cop in riot gear jacks this little lady right to ground with a baton. Later, that same woman seems to be describing what just happened, when she’s snatched away by what appears to be the same cop that hit her earlier. Free speech and right to assembly heard whimpering.

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3 Responses to “Cops crack the living (explitive) out of a DNC protester”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    That was really disturbing. I hope I never stand too close to a juiced up cop and get clubbed and then arrested for talking about it. When will they either stop giving sociopaths badges or realize that everyone has a camera.

  2. Matt Says:

    Dude! I agree with Jonathan 100%. Additionally, the cop was quite clear in his words when he hit her. My guess is that the DNC committee will recommend a hand-slap and some counseling for the officer. I recommend a flogging and public humiliation. Abuse of power should be dealt with swiftly and without prejudice.

  3. batguano101 Says:

    If there are not at least 8 sutures, it is not a strumming.

    Houston strums folk.

    The 8 suture limit is the minimum to be strummed.

    These protesters may not have a real stumming among them.

    BTW what are they protesting?

    It has not been clear.

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