Having solved all other crimes, Fire Marshall in Texas arrests woman for using profanity. No, I’m f**king serious.

A 28-yr. old woman was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct. Her crime? Swearing. Yes, Houston area residents can breathe easier knowing that foul-mouthed heathens everywhere are cowering in fear. I’m sure none of us here have ever heard a public safety official swear, right? Nah…..

Capt. Alfred Decker, the La Marque assistant fire marshal, ticketed, then arrested the young woman for swearing in Wal-Mart. Tropical Storm Edouard was quickly approaching so the woman, upon finding all batteries gone, exclaimed, “They’re all f**king gone,” to her mother standing next to her. Thank goodness that Capt. Alfred Decker was on the scene. He issued her a citation and then arrested her.

The reaction of La Marque Fire Chief Todd Zacherl to the arrest of a woman for using profanity:

“When you’re in uniform, you have to uphold the laws,” the fire chief said. “It’s like if he was on the way home and saw a drunk driver — he had to act.

Apparently Fire Chief Todd Zacherl has never heard of discretion……Look, let’s just call this what it is. A public official overreacting and abusing his authority. Rather than admit any wrongdoing, the Fire Dept. chooses to try and save face by acting like this was the right thing to do.

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(funny side note..if you click on the link, you’ll notice in the URL that the term “SprawlMart” is used, probably referring to Wal-Mart, the epitome of evil to anti-capitalists and those who have no understanding of true economics. Cheeky little web masters)

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3 Responses to “Having solved all other crimes, Fire Marshall in Texas arrests woman for using profanity. No, I’m f**king serious.”

  1. Zac Says:

    I think the real problem isn’t this “discretion” the officer is supposed to use. No the real problem is that there is this “law” on the books that the officer can enforce.

  2. worldcom Says:

    Decker, Alfred
    Title: Assistant Fire Marshal/Captain, La Marque Fire Marshals Office
    Address: 1111 Bayou Road La Marque, Texas 77568
    Office Phone: 409-938-9267 Fax: 409-935-1113
    Email: a.decke@la-marque.tx.us

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