Spanish National Basketball makes a gesture that could dampen the Chinese collective goodwill

The Spanish National basketball team, pictured above, seems to be going out of its way to offend the host nation of this year’s Summer Olympics.  The team appears to be making a slanted-eye gesture in an advertisement that just ran in a Spanish paper.  What do you think?  Even if it wasn’t an overtly deliberate racist gesture, it doesn’t say much for the common sense of the team or pretty much anyone associated with Spanish basketball.  Was there not even 1 person who might’ve said, “Hmmm…uh, guys, I’m probably TOTALLY overreacting here, but this might, and I’m just saying *might*, be considered just a touch insensitive.  Maybe? ”

From The Guardian

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2 Responses to “Spanish National Basketball makes a gesture that could dampen the Chinese collective goodwill”

  1. Karim Virani Says:

    Well, it has been done in poor taste, and I think that the Manager of the Spanish team should be held accountable for this.
    We are living in a smaller global village and if the citizens of the world cannot behave properly then they should be ashamed of themselves

  2. Dave chang Says:

    So, a less-thann suitable chinese face can be eliminated to allow for proper national identity during the opening ceremony in National interest. A more Chinese-looking face is substituted using lipsinking. A visiting team cannot make a gesture to play on the spirit of the games because it offends.

    I see no difference exept the little girl was not holding her eyelids back.

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